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For those of you wondering why I post so many pieces of Star Wars Art...well that can be explained by me being a member of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood Star Wars Club!  If you are a fan of Star Wars and like Gaming, Fiction, and SW related activities, check us out and Join!

Anyways...on to business: A number of people have asked for my prices, so here goes.  Select a subject and level of finish.

Base Cost:
- $15 head shot
- $25 torso
- $40 full body

Number of Characters:
- One character is what the base cost is for (obviously) ;)
- For each additional character, add half of the base price.

- No background and simple backgrounds (e.g. simple shapes and textures like this) are no extra cost
- For complex backgrounds, add $15

- Black/White is no additional cost
- For color add half the total cost (base + number of characters + background)

Send me a note if you are interested!